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1953 Venice Film Festival – Silver Lion – Best Director Winner and Nominees

1953 Venice Film Festival – Silver Lion – Best Director Winner

I vitelloni Federico Fellini

I vitelloni

Federico Fellini

A character study of five young men at crucial turning points in their lives in a small town in Italy.

Little Fugitive Ray Ashley

Little Fugitive

Ray Ashley

A young boy fears that he shot his older brother, who is only faking. He then runs away to Coney Island, a crowded beach area, and gets money by returning soda bottles for their deposits.

Moulin Rouge John Huston

Moulin Rouge

John Huston

Fictional account of French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Sadko Aleksandr Ptushko


Aleksandr Ptushko

Arriving home to find his native land under the yoke of corrupt merchants, an adventurer named Sadko sets sail in search of a mythical bird of happiness.

The Adultress Marcel Carné

The Adultress

Marcel Carné

A truckdriver kills the husband of the woman he loves, and becomes the object of blackmail.

Ugetsu Kenji Mizoguchi


Kenji Mizoguchi

A tale of ambition, family, love, and war set in the midst of the Japanese Civil Wars of the sixteenth century.