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2004 Locus – SF Novel Winner and Nominees

2004 Locus - SF Novel WinnerIliumDan SimmonsTaking the events and characters of the Iliad as his jumping- off point, Dan Simmons has created an epic of time travel and savage warfare. Travellers from 40,000 years in the future return to Homer's Greece and rewrite history forever, their technology im...Amazon2004 Locus - SF Novel ShortlistAbsolution GapAlastair ReynoldsAmazonBlind LakeRobert Charles WilsonAmazonCoalescentStephen BaxterAmazonDarwin's ChildrenGreg BearAmazonNatural HistoryJustina RobsonAmazonNothing HumanNancy KressAmazonOmegaJack McDevittAmazonPattern RecognitionWilliam GibsonAmazonQuicksilverNeal StephensonAmazonSingularity SkyCharles StrossAmazonSuccession: The Risen Empire; The Killing of WorldsScott WesterfeldAmazonThe Golden Age: The Phoenix Exultant; The Golden Transce...
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2009 Locus – SF Novel Winner and Nominees

2009 Locus - SF Novel WinnerAnathemNeal StephensonThe latest magnificent creation from the award-winning author of Cryptonomicon and the Baroque Cycle trilogy. Erasmas, 'Raz', is a young avout living in the Concent, a sanctuary for mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers. Three times during history's...Amazon2009 Locus - SF Novel ShortlistCity at the End of TimeGreg BearAmazonEscapementJay LakeAmazonFloodStephen BaxterAmazonHalf a CrownJo WaltonAmazonHouse of SunsAlastair ReynoldsAmazonImplied SpacesWalter Jon WilliamsAmazonIncandescenceGreg EganAmazonMarsboundJoe HaldemanAmazonMatterIain M. BanksAmazonPirate SunKarl SchroederAmazonRolling ThunderJohn VarleyAmazonSaturn's ChildrenCharles StrossAmazonThe January DancerMichael FlynnAmazonThe Quiet WarPaul McAuleyAmazon
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2009 Locus – Fantasy Novel Winner and Nominees

2009 Locus - Fantasy Novel WinnerLaviniaUrsula K. Le GuinAn exceptional combination of history and mythology - 'an intriguing, luxuriously realised novel' FINANCIAL TIMES 'Like Spartan Helen, I caused a war. She caused hers by letting men who wanted her take her. I caused mine because I wouldn't be given, wouldn...Amazon2009 Locus - Fantasy Novel ShortlistAn Autumn WarDaniel AbrahamAmazonAn Evil GuestGene WolfeAmazonMemoirs of a Master ForgerWilliam HeaneyAmazonShadowbridge/Lord TophetGregory FrostAmazonThe Alchemy of StoneEkaterina SediaAmazonThe Bell at Sealey HeadPatricia A. McKillipAmazonThe Dragons of BabelMichael SwanwickAmazonThe Enchantress of FlorenceSalman RushdieAmazonThe Engine's ChildHolly PhillipsAmazonThe Ghost in LoveJonathan CarrollAmazonThe Hidden WorldPaul ParkAmazonThe ...
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2008 Locus – SF Novel Winner and Nominees

2008 Locus - SF Novel WinnerThe Yiddish Policemen's UnionMichael ChabonFor sixty years Jewish refugees and their descendants have prospered in the Federal District of Sitka, a "temporary" safe haven created in the wake of the Holocaust and the shocking 1948 collapse of the fledgling state of Israel. The Jews of the Sitka Dist...Amazon2008 Locus - SF Novel ShortlistAxisRobert Charles WilsonAmazonBlack Man (US title: Thirteen)Richard MorganAmazonBrasylIan McDonaldAmazonHa'pennyJo WaltonAmazonHalting StateCharles StrossAmazonMainspringJay LakeAmazonQueen of CandesceKarl SchroederAmazonSixty Days and CountingKim Stanley RobinsonAmazonSpook CountryWilliam GibsonAmazonThe Accidental Time MachineJoe HaldemanAmazonThe Execution ChannelKen MacLeodAmazonThe PrefectAlastair ReynoldsAmazonThe Sons of ...
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2008 Locus – Fantasy Novel Winner and Nominees

2008 Locus - Fantasy Novel WinnerMaking MoneyTerry PratchettAmazingly, former arch-swindler-turned-Postmaster General Moist von Lipwig has somehow managed to get the woefully inefficient Ankh-Morpork Post Office running like . . . well, not like a government office at all. Now the supreme despot Lord Vetinari is as...Amazon2008 Locus - Fantasy Novel ShortlistA Betrayal in WinterDaniel AbrahamAmazonDaughter of HoundsCaitlĂ­n R. KiernanAmazonEndless ThingsJohn CrowleyAmazonInkHal DuncanAmazonOrphan's Tales: In the Cities of Coin and SpiceCatherynne M. ValenteAmazonPirate FreedomGene WolfeAmazonSoftspokenLucius ShepardAmazonTerritoryEmma BullAmazonThe New Moon's ArmsNalo HopkinsonAmazonThe Secret History of MoscowEkaterina SediaAmazonThe White TygerPaul ParkAmazonTitans of ChaosJohn C. WrightA...
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2007 Locus – SF Novel Winner and Nominees

2007 Locus - SF Novel WinnerRainbows EndVernor VingeRobert Gu is a world-renowned poet and recovering Alzheimer's patient. The world that he remembers was much as we know it today. Now, as he regains his faculties through a new cure, he discovers that the world has changed. He is seventy-five years old, tho...Amazon2007 Locus - SF Novel ShortlistAgainst the DayThomas PynchonAmazonBlindsightPeter WattsAmazonCarnivalElizabeth BearAmazonEifelheimMichael FlynnAmazonEnd of the World BluesJon Courtenay GrimwoodAmazonFarthingJo WaltonAmazonGlasshouseCharles StrossAmazonMathematicians in LoveRudy RuckerAmazonMatriarchKaren TravissAmazonNova SwingM. John HarrisonAmazonSun of Sunskarl SchroederAmazonThe Armies of MemoryJohn BarnesAmazonThe Clan CorporateCharles StrossAmazonThe RoadCormac McCarthyAma...
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2007 Locus – Fantasy Novel Winner and Nominees

2007 Locus - Fantasy Novel WinnerThe Privilege of the SwordEllen KushnerWelcome to Riverside, where the aristocratic and the ambitious battle for power and prestige in the city's labyrinth of streets and ballrooms, theatres and brothels, boudoirs and salons. Into this alluring and alarming world walks a bright young woman read...Amazon2007 Locus - Fantasy Novel ShortlistForest MageRobin HobbAmazonLisey's StoryStephen KingAmazonShriek: An AfterwordJeff VanderMeerAmazonSoldier of SidonGene WolfeAmazonSolstice WoodPatricia A. McKillipAmazonThe Blood KnightGreg KeyesAmazonThe Brief History of the DeadKevin BrockmeierAmazonThe Jennifer MorgueCharles StrossAmazonThe Last WitchfinderJames MorrowAmazonThe Thousandfold ThoughtR. Scott Bakker (Penguin Canada; Overlook)AmazonThe TourmalinePaul Park (...
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2006 Locus – SF Novel Winner and Nominees

2006 Locus - SF Novel WinnerAccelerandoCharles StrossHis most ambitious novel to date, ACCELERANDO is a multi-generational saga following a brilliant clan of 21st-century posthumans. The year is some time between 2010 and 2015. The recession has ended, but populations are ageing and the rate of tech change i...Amazon2006 Locus - SF Novel ShortlistFifty Degrees BelowKim Stanley RobinsonAmazonLady of MazesKarl SchroederAmazonLearning the WorldKen MacLeodAmazonMammothJohn VarleyAmazonNever Let Me GoKazuo IshiguroAmazonOld TwentiethJoe HaldemanAmazonOlymposDan SimmonsAmazonPushing IceAlastair ReynoldsAmazonSeekerJack McDevittAmazonShadow of the GiantOrson Scott CardAmazonSpinRobert Charles WilsonAmazonThe Carpet MakersAndreas EschbachAmazonThe World BeforeKaren TravissAmazonTranscendentStephen...
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2006 Locus – Fantasy Novel Winner and Nominees

2006 Locus - Fantasy Novel WinnerAnansi BoysNeil GaimanA kaleidoscopic journey deep into myth from bestselling storytelling legend Neil Gaiman, bestselling author of American Gods and Norse Mythology....Amazon2006 Locus - Fantasy Novel ShortlistA Feast for CrowsGeorge R. R. MartinAmazonA Princess of RoumaniaPaul ParkAmazonFledglingOctavia E. ButlerAmazonGlass SoupJonathan CarrollAmazonLord Byron's Novel: The Evening LandJohn CrowleyAmazonOd MagicPatricia A. McKillipAmazonShaman's CrossingRobin HobbAmazonSnake AgentLiz WilliamsAmazonSomeone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves TownCory DoctorowAmazonThe Hallowed HuntLois McMaster BujoldAmazonThe Hidden FamilyCharles StrossAmazonThe House of StormsIan R. MacLeodAmazonThe Limits of EnchantmentGraham JoyceAmazonThud!Terry PratchettAmazon
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2005 Locus – SF Novel Winner and Nominees

2005 Locus - SF Novel WinnerThe Baroque Cycle: The Confusion; The System of the WorldNeal StephensonNeal Stephenson continues his extraordinary Baroque Cycle in this sequel to his bestselling Quicksilver, bringing to life a cast of unforgettable characters in a time of breathtaking genius and discovery. It is the late 1600s, on the high seas. A group of ...Amazon2005 Locus - SF Novel ShortlistAirGeoff RymanAmazonCamouflageJoe HaldemanAmazonCentury RainAlastair ReynoldsAmazonCloud AtlasDavid MitchellAmazonCrucibleNancy KressAmazonEastern Standard TribeCory DoctorowAmazonFor Us, the LivingRobert A. HeinleinAmazonForty Signs of RainKim Stanley RobinsonAmazonIron SunriseCharles StrossAmazonNewton's WakeKen MacLeodAmazonRiver of GodsIan McDonaldAmazonThe AlgebraistIain M. BanksAmazonThe Life of...